IAPPA Championship 2017

( V L A D I V O S T O K )

ENTRY OPEN DAY : 10 January 2017
ENTRY DEADLINE : 10  May 2017

EVENT Date : 17 JUNE , 2017

I. CATEGORIES  of  APPA Championship : 


Professional single women category
Professional single men category 
Professional double mixed  category
Professional master  40+ category

Amateur  single women category

Amateur single men category

Championship Titles

Pole Acrobatic :

Asia-Pacific  Champion 2017 (women professional) - 20.000 RUB prize, Cup &medal of Champion+ membership of APPA
Asia-Pacific  Champion 2017 (men professional) -  20.000 RUB prize, Cup & medal of Champion +membership of APPA
Asia-Pacific  Champion 2017( double proffessional) - 20.000 RUB prize, Cup & medal of Champion+ membersip of APPA
Asia-Pacifc   Champion 2017 (masters 40+) - special prize of sponsors, Cup & medal of Champion + membership of APPA

Asia-Pacific  Champion ( women amateur)-  Prize of sponsor , Cup & medal of Champion.+ membership of APPA

Asia-Pacific  Champion ( men amateur)-  Prize of sponsor , Cup & medal of Champion.+ membership of APPA


Professional single women & men category



 Professional single women & men category


Championship Titles:

Aerial Silks & Hoop

Asia-Pacific  Aerial Silks Champion 2017 (women & men professional) - 20.000 RUB prize, Cup &medal of Champion+ membership of APPA

 Asia-Pacific Aerial Hoop Champion 2017 (women & men professional) - 20.000 RUB prize, Cup& medal of Champion + membership of APPA 

All winners-up & prize-winners become the members of International Asia-Pacific Pole & Aerial Acrobatic Association.


- Registration may only be submitted by the participant
- All participants must read the rules and regulation and sign a copy for confirmation
- All participants must arrive and register at the time designated by the APPA Championship
- The registration form must be completed in Full in accordance with these rules,dated and signed
- A recent photo should beattached with the application form.
- All the participant must have personal insurance that cover them for their duration of the competition
- All participant must complete a disclaim form to confirm their health condition is good to complete
- Entry is being held by video submission. Your 3.40 - 4.10 minutes video must be uploaded to YouTube/Youku ( your video entry dance  may be not same as your final performance)
- All competitors must perform on two poles - preferably one static and one spinning

-All competitors from aerial silks & aerial hoop categories may use APPACs silks and hoop.

- The height for aerial silks 6 meteres

- The diameter of aerial hoop : 60 & 90 centimeters


We sent you information about your pass in final - the next day after recived and mark your video-entre form.

- All competitors must  pay  Championship's entrance fee:

 - for professional & amateur category 100 $.( для российских участников по курсу  4.000 руб.

- for double category 100 $ for per person ( для российских участников 4.000 руб. С каждого из участников дуэта.)

You must pay registration entrance fee ( USA dollars) when you will arrive on Championship ( 16 June - the day of dress Rehearsal !!!)


The perfomance time must be 3.40 - 4.10 min


-Entrants have a personal choice of music, which can be a mix of various music and artists
- The music can be with or without lyrics, lyrics must not be of an expletive or offensive nature
- All athletes must own the copyright of all music used at  APPA  Championship


Costume should not be intertionaly removed and not used an erotic manner during perfomence.
Female costume can include:
- any color (exclude flesh-coloured)
- gymnastic/ballet foot protectors or sole or dance shoes without  platform ( Can not   use strip shoes! )
- all costume must coverthe gluteal crease all the way across as well as the navel

FEMALE  costume should not include:
- underwear
- bikinis
- transparent clothing that does not cover the breast or the pelvic area
- jewelry of any type, cuffs or any item worn that is not attached to the costume
- excessive cleavage on show

MALE COSTUME can include :

- vest, crop top or topless if preferred
- sports shorts that cover gluteal crease all the way across
- gymnastic / ballet foot protectors or flat soled dance or gymnastic foot wear
- any color (except flesh-coloured)

MALL costumes should not include :
- underwear
- PVC or rabber

Outfit must not promote an individual pole school or business
Grip gloves may be used and dry hand grip


- 42 mm in diametter
- height 4, 5  - 5,0 m
- one static pole and one spinning pole

pole position - 

Left side - spinning pole, right side - static pole ( if participant look on spectators)

Distances of the spinning pole from the static pole 3 metres

8 . All photographys and other footage remain the property of the "INTERNATIONAL  ASIA-PACIFIC POLE & AERIAL ACROBATIC   CHAMPIONSHIP"
Any photos or interviews taken will be used as required by the organizer  -  "International Asia-Pacific Pole Aerial &  Acrobatic  Association" and  by company "Asia-Pacific Pole & Aerial Arts Academy".
The contestants to the finals waive all rights of filming and photography


- An expert jury will judge the candidates on the basis of pole tricks technique, choreography & art presentation.

-Candidates may not communicate with members of the judging panel before, during or after the competition.

"INTERNATIONAL ASIA-PACIFIC POLE  & AERIAL ACROBATIC   CHAMPIONSHIP" reserves the right to disqualify and expel a condidate from participation both before and during the competition.


The contestants will be automatically disqualified from the event for following:
- International removing items of clothing.
- for directly contacting the judging panel discuss the competition or to directly or indirectly influence the  judging decision prior to or after the competition
- for bringing the competition or the name of the APPA Championship  into disrepute
- for providing false or inacurate information on the application form
- contestants drink alcohol ( or take drugs) before their show.


 1-st Place
 2-nd Place
 3-d  Place