International Asia-Pacific Pole & Aerial Acrobatic  Championship 2019 

ENTRY open day : 10 January, 2019
ENTRY deadline : 10 May , 2019
EVENT Date : 8 June, 2019



INTERNATIONAL ASIA-PACIFIC POLE & AERIAL ACROBATIC ASSOCIATION ( APPA) was founded in 2011 in Vladivostok city (Russia). Country-participants: Russia, China, Japan, South Korea,Philippines, Tailand.

High-minded inspirer of creation APPA - Anna Leniucheva, professional choreographer ,pole & aerial acrobatic teacher, director and owner of the first pole & aerial acrobatic  studio in Far-East of Russia “Asia-Pacific Pole & Aerial Arts Academy ( Vladivostok), founder and organizer of “International Asia Pacific Pole & Aerial Acrobatic  Championships”, now - President of APPA.


1.1. The present Statute is based on the Articles of International Asia-Pacific Pole & Aerial Acrobatic Association (hereinafter referred to as Association)

1.2. The present Statute defines the procedure for admitting new members of the Association, withdrawal and dismissal of membership, the relations between members and the Association, mutual rights and obligations.

1.3. Membership in the Association is voluntary.

All information about types of membership you may see in section "DOCUMENTS"