Statute of Membership in IAPPA Asociation

By decision of General Assembly of  
June 10, 2013
                             Satute of Membership in International Asia-Pacific Pole & Aerial Acrobatic Association
  1. General Provisions
           1.1. The present Statute is based on the Articles of International Asia-Pacific Pole & Aerial  Acrobatic Association (hereinafter referred to as Association) 
1.2. The present Statute defines the procedure for admitting new members of the Association, withdrawal and dismissal of membership, the relations between members and the Association, mutual rights and obligations. 
1.3. Membership in the Association is voluntary. 
1.4. The members of the Association are to exercise their rights responsibly and in no way to harm or to enable harming the Association. 
1.5 The Association does not make remuneration payments to members of General Assembly of the Association for fulfillment of their functions, other than compensation for expenses directly related to the participation in the General Assembly of the members of Association.  
2. Admission of New Members
2.1 Individuals of 18 or older, who undertook a standard procedure, and/or legal entities registered in accordance to the current legislation: they should acknowledge the Articles of the Association and are able to contribute to achievement of goals and tasks of the Association, can become members of the Association. 
2.2. The Association is open to new members. 
2.3. A new member is admitted by a decision of the President of Association. A person wishing to become a member applies in writing to the President. The application is reviewed by the President within 1 month (30 days). 
2.4. The applicant becomes a member after paying admission fee. The sum of annual membership fee depends on the type of membership (refer to Statute of the Types of Membership in the Association). 
3. Obligations and rights of members and the Association 
3.1. The rights of the members of Association are as follows: 
3.1.2. to participate in managing of the affairs of Association;
3.1.3. to elect and be elected to the executive bodies of the Association, and to exercise control of the activities of the Association’s elective bodies in accordance with the Articles of the Association;
3.1.4. to receive information about the affairs of the Association upon making a written request to the President of the Association;
3.1.5. to withdraw from membership on their own discretion; 
3.1.6. to make suggestions for the agenda at the General Assembly of the Association members; 
3.1.7. to address the governing bodies of the Association on any matter concerning their activities; 
3.1.8. to transfer ownership of property to the Association;
3.1.9. in case of liquidation of the Association, to receive a portion of the Association’s property remaining after the debts had been settled, or its equivalent in money, to the extent of the value of property transferred to the Association, with the exception of membership fees, special-purpose contributions and donations;
3.1.10 to cancel participation in the competition due to illness, upon informing the Association 30 days prior to departure for the said competition (type of membership: sportsperson);
3.1.11. to use the services of professional instructor (member of the Association) and professional facilities, including the room and the equipment, to prepare a performance program for a competition (type of membership: sportsperson);
3.12. to receive awards, including monetary awards, cups, certificates of merit etc., that become a property of the member of Association (type of membership: sportsperson) 
3.2. The obligations of members of the Association are as follows: 
3.2.1. to abide by the provisions of the present Articles;
3.2.2. to obey decision of the supreme governing body and governing bodies of the Association; 
3.2.3. to participate in the activities of the Association;
3.2.4. to pay admission fee and membership fees in due time;
3.2.5. to provide information required to manage the activities of the Association;  
3.2.6. to assist the Association in its activities, to participate in providing information and material support for the activities of the Association;
3.2.7. before participating in competitions to prepare a performance program and to turn it in to instructor provided, to the Association or Association’s Representative in the region (type of membership: sportsperson); 
3.2.8.  with the Association’s support, but at his or her own expenses (or with the help of sponsors) to depart for competitions, to take part in competitions with a performance program approved by the Association or the Representative of the Association in the region in question (type of membership: sportsperson). 
3.3.  The rights of Association are as follows: 
3.3.1. to use member’s name and image during the period of membership and fir ten years after the member’s withdrawal from the Association; 
3.3.2. to receive membership fees and special-purpose contributions from members; 
3.3.3. to bar a member from participation in competitions, to impose prohibitions for the members of Association for the purpose of enhancing the image and reputation of the Association and prevent the Association from being discredited (all types of membership). 
 3.4. The obligations of the Association are as follows: 
3.4.1. not to disclose confidential and personal information provided by a member, during the period of membership and for 10 years after its withdrawal;  
3.4.2. to provide members of Association with relevant information about the Association’s activities in due time. 
4. Withdrawal and Dismissal of Members
4.1 To withdraw from the Association, a member has to apply in writing to the President of the Association, who transfers the application to General Assembly of members of the Association. Within 30 days from receiving of application General Assembly settles all matters related to the withdrawal and processes the withdrawal according to the existing procedure. The Association must return the property received from the withdrawing member (with the exception of membership fees and special-purpose contributions) or pay an adequate monetary compensation within 30 days from withdrawal.    
4.2. A member of the Association, systematically (more than 2 times) failing to fulfill his or her obligations or failing to fulfill them properly, discrediting the Association, obstructing the activities of the Association by his or her actions or inaction, can be dismissed from membership by a decision of the General Assembly of members. 
5.  Membership Fees and Special-Purpose Contributions
5.1. Membership fees are a mandatory regular monetary contribution made by members of the Association and used for the needs of the Association, its development and fulfilling its goals and tasks. 
5.2. Member of the Association pays membership fees to the Association. 
5.3. The sum of membership fee, period of payment, procedure for payment are determined by the General Assembly of members of the Association. 
5.4. A special-purpose contribution is a mandatory monetary contribution to the Association, used for the needs of the Association, its development and fulfilling its goals and tasks.
5.5. Special-purpose contribution is determined for the members winning a competition with the support of the Association, and receiving a monetary award (type of membership: sportsperson). 
5.5. A special-purpose contribution is determined to amount to 30% of the monetary award and is to be paid to the Association or its regional Representative on the day when it is received.  
President of International Asia-Pacific Pole Acrobatic Association   
Anna Leniucheva