Anna Leniucheva

Anna Leniucheva

Anna Leniucheva – high-minded inspirer of creation, founder and president of “International Asia-Pacific Pole Acrobatic Association”. Founder and organizer of International Asia-Pacific Pole & Aerial Acrobatic Championships.International and national judge.Director and instructor of  "Asia-Pacific Pole & Aerial Arts Academy.The famous Pole Dance & Aerial Arts performer (Russia,Vladivostok)

Since 1990 professional dancer in show and art perfomances.

1994 - 1996 Instructor of fitness and dance programmes in fitness clubs ' "Garmony" and " Dance club"

1996-1999 Soloist and choreographer of dance-show in Cabaret-Club 'Royal Park"

1999-2004 Studied in Far-Eastern State Academy Art and Culture

2000-2006 Сo-operation as a choreographer and as art-director with popular night clubs, music-halls and theatres.

2000-2002 Balletmaster of Musical "Grand pot-popurri for show and orchestra" in Academic Dramatic Theatre of Vladivostok.

2003-2011 Choreographer of Dramatic Theatre of Pacifc Ocean of Navy

Since 2004 Started work as a pole dance teacher in " Dance Street " school (the 1-st Pole Dance Studio in Vladivostok)

In 2005 Open own pole dance school "Erotic Dance Studio" (since 2008 year was re- named "Art Pole Dance Studio" now re-named  as "Asia-Pacific Pole & Aerial Arts Academy".

2005- the present time - Owner, director and pole dance teacher in "Art Pole Dance Studio"( now is re-named  "Asia-Pacific  Pole&Aerial Arts Academy".

2009-2010 founder and organizer Far-Eastern Pole Dance Championships, Representer of Russian Pole Sport Federation on Far-Eastern of Russia, judge of Russian National Pole Competitions

2011- 2015 - Founder and organizer of "International Asia-Pacific Pole Acrobatic Dance Championships" (Vladivostok, Russia).Since 2016 year -International Asia-Pacific Pole & Aerial Acrobatic Championship (Vladivostok)

Judge of National and International Pole Championships in Japan, South Korea, China, Honkong:

2009, 2010 - Far-Eastern Pole Dance Championship (Vladivostok)

2011 - 2015  International Asia-Pacific  Pole Acrobatic Dance Championship (Vladivostok)

Since 2016 year -International Asia-Pacific Pole & Aerial Acrobatic Championship (Vladivostok)

2011 - Korea Pole Dance Championship ( Seoul)

2011 -2015 WPDC China Pole Dance Championship (Beijing)

2013 - Honkong  China Pole Dance Championship  (Honkong)

2013, 2014 - Japan Pole Sport Championship (Osaka)

2011- the present time - Founder and President of "International Asia-Pacific Pole Acrobatic Association"